TWOMDE 2010 at TOOLS 2010

The third edition of the TWOMDE workshop series will take place co-located with TOOLS 2010 in Malaga, Spain.

OWL Ontologies and MDA/MDE/MDD

The interest in integrating Ontologies and Software Engineering has gained more attention with commercial and scientific initiatives. The Semantic Web Best Practice and Deployment Working Group (SWBPD) in W3C included a Software Engineering Task Force (SETF) to explore how Semantic Web and Software Engineering can cooperate. The Object Management Group (OMG) has an Ontology Platform Special Interest Group (PSIG) aiming at formalizing semantics in software by knowledge representation and related technologies. The concrete results of such initiatives are the specification of the OMG Ontology Definition Metamodel, the OWL2 Metamodel, the introduction to Ontology Driven Architectures and a Semantic Web Primer for Object-Oriented Software Developers.

Nevertheless, as MDE spreads, disciplines like model transformation, domain specific languages (DSLs) and traceability become essential in order to support different kinds of models in an model driven environment. Understanding the role of ontology technologies like knowledge representation, automated reasoning, dynamic classification and consistence checking in these fields is crucial to leverage the development of such disciplines. Thus, we highlight the following open questions: How can the scientific and technical results around ontologies, ontology languages and their corresponding reasoning technologies be used fruitfully in MDE? What is the role of ontologies in supporting model transformation or traceability? How can ontologies improve designing DSLs? Are current query languages able to query both kinds of models?

Discussions about these and related questions will be supported by the proposed workshop.

Intended Audience

The intended audience embraces members of the modeling community with experience or interest in Model Driven Engineering and in Knowledge Representation. Specifically, but not only, the participation of experts in technologies related with UML, MOF, MDA, ATL, QVT, RDF or OWL is highly welcome.


The workshop aims at continuing discussions about the role of different aspects of ontologies in enhancing Model Driven Engineering (MDE/MDA/MDSD). More specifically, the objectives of the workshop are:

  • To present success cases of integrated approaches;
  • To present state-of-the-art researches covering OWL/RDFS ontologies in MDE/MDA;
  • To encourage the modeling community to explore different aspects of ontologies like validation, verification and dynamic classification;
  • To promote the demonstration of MDE/MDA tools using OWL/RDFS ontologies.