Interdisciplinary Presentation: The chemical ecology of freshwater invertebrates from chemical signals to dietary quality

Presented by PD Dr. Patrick Fink (Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research)


Für die Gastvorträge werden Wissenschaftler*innen anderer Hochschulen eingeladen, um ihre disziplinübergreifenden Projekte, Ideen oder Ansätze der Hochschulöffentlichkeit präsentieren.

For the guest lectures, scientists from other universities are invited to present their cross-disciplinary projects, ideas or approaches to the university public.

Freshwater invertebrate animals play key roles for the functioning of aquatic food webs. To understand how they interact with their environment, predators, prey and competitors, we need to address not only physico-chemical habitat variables, but also how natural organic compounds mediate invertebrates' behaviour and physiology. I will present several examples from my group's work on chemical signalling compounds that alter invertebrate behaviour, as well as essential biochemicals relevant for their fitness. Finally, I will show some examples how anthropogenic modifications of ecosystems may interfere with some of those animals' adaptation mechanisms in a changing world.

In Kooperation mit dem CZS MINT-Forum und dem Masterstudiengang „Gewässerkunde und Wasserwirtschaft“.