Kayak basic course (English language for international students) (SS 2019)
Semester und Ferien: SS 2019 - WS 2019/20

Have you ever wanted to try out if kayaking is your kind of sport?

Now, you have the opportunity to attend our trial course and experience kayaking.

With professional guidance you will learn the basic techniques of kayaking.


What do I need for the course?

1.Clothing: short or long sports pants; T-shirt or sweat shirt with sleeves as tight as possible (wide sleeves will hang in the water), wind or rain jacket, light sports shoes, socks. Bring extra dry clothes in case of capsizing.

2. Towel (there are changing rooms and showers in the boathouse)

3. If you wear glasses, pls. bring straps so that you won’t loose your glasses.

4. Kayak equipment (kayak, paddle, life jacket, spraydeck) is provided


The course units will take place on:

Thursday 06.06.2019

Thursday 13.06.2019

each from 18:00 to 20:30.


!!! Course Registration must be completed by 28.05.2019 via the AHS registration system!!!


Safety note:

Kayak sports is water sports. Appropriate swimming skills are mandatory to join the course!

Life jackets will be provided and have to be used during the course.

If you can’t swim, you are not allowed to join the course.

Wann? Mittwochs, 1800 - 2000 Uhr
Wo? Post SV, Simrockstr. 11, KO-Oberwerth

Andreas Mandt
[...] +49 175 4123955
[...] kajakkurs@post-sv-koblenz.de
Gebühr: Studenten: 25 €        Mitarbeiter: 40 €        Gäste: 40 €