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Systemic-constructivistic (school-)education

Systemic-constructivistic theories have already found their way into many scientific areas. The relevance of these anthropological and epistemological positions on profession orientated (school-)education have still to be elaborated. The following main focus points will be dealt with. School development, constructivistic didactics, deviant behaviour, interprofessional cooperation, constructivistic teachers education.

Deviant behaviour in the context of school, familiy and community (with especially taking into account the growing medical aspect of deviant behaviour)

In the context of the development of society as a whole, environmental and solution orientated options of action should be investigated. These should add to the teacher's growing professionalism in school as well as in class. In Germany, the growing focus on medical aspects of conflicts has a certain tradition. The apparent medical abuse is a great educational challenge and should be faced in an interdisciplinarian way.

As to the acual program:
Constructing and testing adult education for teachers - "systemic education"

In the light of sociatal development as a whole, which requires the acquisition of an additional qualification, a new programme based on the systemic-constructivistic paradigm has been developed. The plan for an evaluation is in process.

Inventing new classrooms (construction of a CD-ROM)

With regard to the constructivist education of teachers a multimedia book for students and teachers will be constructed, which should offer an access to the theoretical positions and possible competences in the classroom. The completion of this production is planned for spring 2002.

Inter-vision - further educational programmes for principals

The principal's varied experiences in life as well as in profession offer a great resource which can be used to tackle the problems in the daily routine of leadership. With the help of "reflecting-teams" and based on the principal's competences and resources the chances of reflecting on cases of professional should be worked out in order to open up new solutions.