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Manual: BV-Tool (Visualization Tool)

Hints for using the BV-Tool

  1. Loading an image:
    Click on the command Open in the menu File to open a file dialog. Choose an image from your own ppm-database within the file dialog and press the Open-Button. The loaded image will not be displayed immediately, but its name will occure in the main image list on the left side.
  2. Display an image:
    Perform a double-click on an image name in the image list (on the left) to display the image.
  3. Apply an operator on an image:
    To apply an operator on a loaded or generated image (source image), choose a operator from the Operator-Menu. A parameter dialog will be displayed with a list of source images, on that the operator could be applied on. First you have to select the name of the image, that you want to process, from that list. Enter some operator specific parameters in the dialog and press the Ok-Button. The name of the new image will appear below the name of the source image in the main image list.

Editor: Patrick Sturm
Letzte Änderung: 10.12.2002