ECMI Special Interest Group - Virtual Education


The cutting edge knowledge in industrial mathematics is dispersed at small nodes of expertise. Online environments are a viable media to access this knowledge and support innovative processes, training and educational needs, to facilitate distributed consultation processes, etc. The evolution from textbook to interactive cross media environments means a new learning paradigm. Advantages include easy access and portability, flexible updates, dynamic edition, multi-/hypermedia tools from search facilities, quiz-structures to animations, interactive exercises, remote lectures and videoconference etc.

We envisage to build a European digital environment and web-portal for applied and industrial mathematics. More immediate goal is to share information and experience, describe examples of web based courses in applied mathematics and technologies for web publication of interactive documents. Such environment would be suitable for students in applied mathematics and engineering programs in advanced BS and MS level. It would be designed also for persons who are already in their working life and are looking for continuing education and professional development. The courses would be based on customized content for a special applications area.

A natural base for such e-learning portal is ECMI representing a network of European universities and collaborating with industry in mathematical technology transfer. ECMI has a mission in European knowledge sharing and an coordinates educational programs in industrial mathematics at its various centers. The ECMI educational committee has taken virtual education and web-supported solutions as one of its target areas to complement the other strategic areas like ECMI curriculum development, Modeling weeks, mobility of students & staff etc.

 Project Kick-Off Meeting: March 23-24,2017, Koblenz University

The following video shows (in fast motion) online lecture material for a course on Stochastics (in German).




Förderungen & Partnerschaften

Manuel Cerrajero - University Carlos III de Madrid, Spain
Matti Heiliö - Lappeenranta University of Technology, Finland
Ewald Lindner - Linz University, Austria
Giandomenico Orlandi - Verona University, Italy
Seppo Pohjolainen - Tampere University, Finland
Ana Moura Santos - Lisbon University, Portugal
Marta Pascoal – University Coimbra, Portugal
Kasten Schmidt - DTU Lynggy, Denmark