Intelligent Sports & Tennis Data Analytics –

ISTDA – a competence centre of ZIFET, the Zentral Institute for Interdisciplinary Research on Entrepreneurship & International Transfer of the University in Koblenz – focuses on the possibilities to use algorithms in order to intelligently analyse data from sports, especially from Tennis, in order to improve the learning and executing of diverse sports disciplines. Tennis is for many reasons, that is to say full body exercise, high demands on coordination, and the important role of physical as well as mental fitness, the core discipline we are looking at.

This focus of ISTDA – Intelligent Sports & Tennis Data Analytics – fits very well with the profile of the Faculty of Informatics of the University in Koblenz, which is called “Data Intelligence”. The notion of “intelligence” relates to the computer science research field of “Artificial Intelligence” (AI). The notion of “data” mostly relates to the increasing quantity – and due to increasing computer power: processability – of data, that is “big data”. Bringing the two perspectives together, intelligent data analysis discovers hidden facts that are not known previously and provides potentially important information or facts from large quantities of data. The objective is to identify meaning in data.

On this website you will find all important information about  ISTDA. Our current research results are published here. We report on participation in conferences and trade fairs. You can also find out more about our partners. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our team at