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The Research Group Process Science predominantly offers theses in the field of Business Process Management Technologies. Please note: Due to the formal and technical scope of the topics, excellent knowledge in the areas of algorithms and data structures, modeling and programming, graph theory as well as other disciplines related to computer science are mandatory requirements.


If you are interested in a topic, please apply using this application form (log in with your university ID). We will then get in touch with you to clarify the next steps. Applications or inquiries regarding theses via e-mail will not be considered.


After the student and the supervisors agree on a topic, the student outlines the topic and the procedure of the thesis in an exposé. This should include the problem, the goal, the applied methodology, and the structure of the thesis. A timeline with all steps of the thesis and the expected time of execution should also be part of the exposé. The submission will be made digitally. Once the exposé is accepted, the student is accepted and can start working on the thesis. A template can be found in the following section.


Theses / seminar papers



All available topics can be obtained from the German version of this page.