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Basic requirements

In general, we are open to students from all areas of FB4, but ideally you should have attended and passed at least one of the following courses:

* Basics of IT security,

Data protection,

* Security in Networked Systems (SiNS),

* IT-Risk Management,

* Proseminar / seminar in IT security,

* Project internship / research internship in IT security.

Awarding of qualification theses:

Here you will find information on the awarding of theses. If you are interested, please send an e-mail to with

- Programme of study,

- current transcript of records (KLIPS),

- the topic that was advertised,

- a short motivation statement,

- and the processing period you require (from/to),

or with your own suggestions or wishes

- a list of topics that you would like to work on.

The more specific you are in your description of a desired topic, the faster and better we can respond to it. Ideally, but not absolutely necessary, you should submit a short exposé in addition to the topic, in which you explain the background and, if applicable, define a research question (with a security-relevant aspect)


Before registering the thesis, regardless of possible collaborations with other parties, you agree on the exact topic by means of a proposal or exposé. You will develop and formulate a research question under supervision.

This proposal consists of 4-6 pages and ideally consists of the following chapters:

1. Introduction

2. Fundamentals / Background

3. Related work

4. Methodology

5. Schedule (preferably Gantt chart)

6. Limitations / Outlook (optional)

7. List of references

If all parties agree to the proposal, the work can be registered.

Advertised work:

You will also find the advertised work and collaborative works here. Please note that the above-mentioned basic requirements also apply to these.