Projekt- and Forschungspraktika

Information about the Application Process for Projekt- and Forschungspraktika

To register for a Projekt- (PP) or Forschungspraktikum (FP), you must contact the respective coordinator of the offered PP/FP. You will find the list of offered PP/FP in the course overview.

In general, applications as groups of students are welcomed. 

Therefore, we have set up a community on UniConnect with the Research Group of Prof. Schubert which interested students can use to form groups. Moreover, additional information like upcoming information meetings is announced there. The UniConnect community is named "FG BAS und FG EIM Gruppenbildung Projekt- und Forschungspraktika" and is an open community. Students can add themselves to the community by searching for it or through the link.

Students must include each student in their application:

  • course of studies

  • a brief paragraph explaining personal interest in the topic

  • a transcript of records

Once finally accepted, students will then receive further information and will be invited to the kick-off meeting. Moreover, you will be then able to register for the Projektpraktikum in KLIPS.