Educational Psychology and Empirical Research Methods

About our work unit

We are a team of young scientists conducting research on various topics in educational psychology. These include, in particular, the development of academic self-concepts and the digitization of teaching and learning environments. We are currently conducting two DFG projects to investigate the development of academic self-concepts. The Emmy Noether Junior Research Group "COMPASS" (Comparison Processes in Students' Academic Self-Concept Formation), established in 2022, is of particular importance. With regard to the digitalization of teaching and learning environments, we are specifically concerned with the use of chatbots and telepresence robots in educational contexts. In this context, we participated in the Interdisciplinary Hub for Teaching Competencies in Development, Handling and Application of Explainable, Trustworthy, Resilient and Secure AI Procedures (IH-evrsKI) at the University of Koblenz.

In teaching, we are currently mainly active with methods courses in the basic subject Psychology of the two-subject bachelor's degree and with psychology courses in the Bachelor of Education. In the basic subject Psychology we are responsible for Module 6 (Data Quality and Statistics). In the Bachelor of Education we participate in Module 3.1 (Educational Psychology). In addition, we conduct courses in the elective subject Environmental Sciences and in the distance learning program Psychological Diagnostics, Evaluation and Counseling (Module 3: Multivariate Methods). In the future, we will be involved in particular with further courses on educational psychology in the basic subject Psychology and in the Bachelor of Education.

If you are looking for us at Koblenz campus, you probably will not find us. We are located in the city center of Koblenz at Löhrstraße 78-80, where you can reach us via the entrance between the Apollo cinema and the exit zone.