at the faculty of Mathematics / Natural Sciences
With its three institutes and 25 professorships, the Faculty of Mathematics / Natural Sciences provides a wide range of services in terms of applied and basic research.

The sustainable and future-proof use of natural resources is the focus of our research. Our competence in biodiversity research and terrestrial and aquatic ecology, a broad range of analytical methods and established cooperation with regional and supra-regional institutions enable us to conduct interdisciplinary research into the effects of human activity on ecosystems.

The knowledge gained is transformed into practical solutions and recommendations for action for various challenges. Materials science research in the fields of ceramics and plastics enables cooperation with industry and applied academia and results in innovative, resource-saving processes and materials. A wide range of research methods and a research infrastructure that has grown significantly in recent years are used.

Research on mathematical models, the further development of computer-based simulation methods and data- and model-based mathematical optimizations produce innovative, application-oriented mathematical research fields.

On the following pages you will find information on the faculty's publications, its main research areas, some externally funded projects and doctoral and postdoctoral students. To get to know the full breadth of research at the faculty, we refer you to the corresponding professorships.

We will also show you the transfer of research into practice and opportunities for cooperation.

We conduct research here on topics that move people or will move people in the future.....

Examples include dealing with invasive species and biodiversity, renaturation measures for rivers and water bodies, the detection of microplastics in water bodies, mathematical models and the spread of COVID, functional materials and ceramics.

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