Student Parliament (StuPa)

The student parliament is the decision-making and controlling body of the student body. It decides on all matters of the student body, unless the statutes stipulate otherwise.

Its main tasks are the election of the AStA departments and their control, as well as the decision on the funds of the student body.

The work in the StuPa is guided by documents such as the statutes of the student body and the election regulations.

37th Legislature

Next Meeting

Date: Wednesday 2023-11-29
Time: 10:00 
Room: G410


TOP 1 - AStA Elections
TOP 2 - Protocols
TOP 3 - Accountability reports
​​​TOP 4 - Applications​​​
TOP 5 - News From The Uni
TOP 6 - Any Other Business
TOP 7 - Feedbackbox

As alyways the meeting is open to all members of the university.

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