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Computer Networks

Professional Chair Frey

The research group is concerned with the controllability of complex dynamically networked systems. This includes, among others, sensor networks in the mobile dynamic environment, as well as mobile systems such as sensor-actuator networks, mobile autonomous robot teams (e.g., AUVs and UAVs), mobile platforms in the industrial context (e.g., AGVs), and connected vehicles in the context of V2X. For such systems, we pursue both fundamental theoretical and system-level practical issues. Theoretical work is intended to explore the core of such systems and provide a fundamental understanding. Another important part of our research is the transfer of theoretical results into practice and their empirical evaluation by means of prototype implementations on real hardware.


The research group is concerned with the controllability of wireless networked and mobile systems. Here, we work algorithmically based on a graph view of such systems, analytically and simulatively based on channel models and models of networking of wireless systems, and empirically based on prototype implementation on real hardware (WSN and AUV platforms, as well as single-board PCs), field testing, and laboratory experimentation.

The following research topics and projects currently being worked on are derived from the aforementioned research areas in this context:




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