Postgraduate and Doctoral Students

Postgraduate and Doctoral Students

In Germany, the core of the doctorate is the PhD thesis. This is written in consultation with a supervising university teacher as an independent research project. The prerequisite for admission as a doctoral candidate is an outstanding degree (Master's or equivalent) in your respective field of study.

If you want to write a doctoral thesis at the University of Koblenz, you can apply directly. You must take the initiative to find a professor to supervise your dissertation. Get a written confirmation for this.

You can find information on subjects, institutes and academics on the university website.

If you have completed your previous Master's degree abroad, it will be checked before admission whether your degree corresponds to a German university degree and the required grade.

The following documents are required for application as a doctoral student:

  1. Application for admission
  2. officially certified copy of your school graduation certificate in the original language

  3. officially certified translation of your school-leaving certificate in German (a German translation is only required if the original was not issued in English or French)

  4. officially certified copies of your college/university degrees (Bachelor, Master) with overview of grades and subjects

  5. officially certified translation of your college/university degrees into German (a German translation is only required if the original was not issued in English or French).

  6. Confirmation from the supervisor of your dissertation;

  7. Curriculum vitae in tabular form;

  8. Proof of your German language skills (your supervisor will decide whether and which German language skills must be proven).

The documents mentioned under points 1. to 8. must be submitted to the Students' Registration Office.

Doctoral programmes are free of charge.

In order to finance your stay in Germany, the DAAD offers a variety of funding opportunities; detailed descriptions can be found in their scholarship database.

The Interdisciplinary Centre for Research, Graduate Support and Human Resource Development (IFGPZ) at the University of Koblenz was designed across all departments to complement the specialist support provided by university lecturers and offers doctoral students various workshops, collaboration opportunities in working groups and all other kinds of services. Further information on the IFGPZ can be found on the internet.