UCT: University Competence Center for Collaboration Technology


The purpose of this project is the establishment and the operation of a competence center for educational institutions. Its aim is the identification of a broad spectrum of established, as well as alternative technologies in the field of collaborative work. Further goals are the target-group-specific review of the existing knowledge of collaborative technologies. The learning-platform is complemented by international research projects in the fields of collaborative technologies. The findings of the different projects continuously are integrated into the teaching material of the business software research group.

The UCT’s current fields of activities are the following:


  • Research on current topics such as collaborative CRM, Web 2.0, Enterprise 2.0
  • Conduction of research projects with partners
  • Writing scientific publications and studies
  • Possibilities for practical dissertations (action research)


  • High level teaching through the use of novel didactical concepts which use collaborative technologies
  • Preparation of knowledge for UCT partner educational institutions
  • Development of universal concepts for courses and exercises
  • Provision of innovative lecture and exercise material
  • Offering of events and training courses for stakeholders in research and teaching


  • Supplying universities and partners with software infrastructures
  • Assistance with the introduction of collaborative technologies
  • Electronic provision of teaching material for partners and universities

Dissertations and seminars

Within the UCT, dissertations and seminars in the area of collaborative technologies can be carried out at the research group Business Software. The UCT supports the students with scientific research questions in their target area. Additionally, the UCT can help students in finding business partners for dissertations and seminars if they wish to work practical orientated.

Fundings & Partners

Participating organizational units
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