Committees, commissioners and committees

Committees, commissioners and committees

at the faculty Mathematics / Natural Sciences
Alongside academics and teaching, academic self-government is one of the permanent tasks of a university.

The faculty therefore brings together a wide variety of committees under one roof, which are united in the faculty council as its central information, advisory and decision-making committee for matters of fundamental importance.

The faculty council

The Faculty Council consists of nine members from the group of universtiy teaching staff, four members from the group of students, three members from the group of academic staff and one member from the group of technical and administration staff. In addition, the equal opportunities officers of the respective faculties are members of the Faculty Council in an advisory capacity.

Committees, commissioners and committees

For all topics that are of central importance to the Faculty, the Faculty Council appoints representatives or forms committees.

In the following sections, you will be referred to the corresponding pages of the committees and representatives.

Library Committee

The committee discusses the distribution of funds for literature and other electronic media and liaises with the University Library on site.

doctoral committee

The committee advises on doctoral procedures at the faculty and is responsible for the formal framework conditions.

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Specialised committee for academics and teaching and at the same time committee for quality assurance and development

At Faculty 3, the Committee for Quality Assurance and Development is the first point of contact for all matters relating to the evaluation of courses. Since 2014, this has been combined with the Academics and Teaching Committee and is headed by a Quality Assurance Officer, who was appointed by the Faculty Council for the first time at the beginning of 2014, together with the Vice-Dean for Academics and Teaching.

Examination boards

The committees advise on issues specific to the degree programme that arise in connection with their responsibilities under the respective examination regulations. They are the point of contact and are responsible for compliance with the formal framework conditions.